Our Services

A catalyst for meaningful changes that drive success in people and in systems

Whether our interventions are at the level of individuals and leaders, work teams or organizational scale, we ensure that they are aligned and truly fit a business need. Harieka also represents a bridge between cutting edge research and your company which, for you, means having access to proven and reliable diagnostic tools and benefiting from the latest organizational development discoveries and emerging management practices.

Our interventions…

  • yield results;
  • stand the test of time;
  • are fully planned and piloted;
  • involve your teams.

We incorporate the basic principles of change management in each of our interventions because an intervention is a change in itself.

  • Growth and Learning of Employees and Business Leaders
    Your team’s knowledge and skills will be wasted if they don’t intrinsically tie into your business goals.

    With this in mind, we can tackle your specific challenges by helping your employees or business leaders develop new instincts and skills. We offer a progressive and agile approach focused on the person’s learning pace and integration and on the urgency of the results you seek. We can support you in the following areas:

    • Executive coaching
    • Individual Coaching
    • Group Coaching
    • Team coaching
    • Coaching supervision
    • Management, advisory role and social skills development with impact training workshops
  • Work Environment and Team Efficiency
    Work environment and team efficiency go hand in hand.

    We can help you foster an atmosphere of trust, prevent or manage conflicts, and improve how your teams interact and function by clarifying roles and responsibilities, expanding personal positions, and favouring fluid operating modes–all critical to achieving results. Here are the areas in which we can help you make a difference:

    • Situational and work environment analyses
    • Harassment investigations
    • Prevention and settlement of disputes
    • Mediation and dialogue facilitation
    • Team consolidation
    • Support in developing and implementing adapted team operating modes
  • Strategic Alignment and Organizational Efficiency
    Our five-step coaching approach (alignment, understanding, commitment, action and consolidation) is nothing if not flexible.

    Each step encompasses specific activities and deliverables, with the final objective being to improve your organizational efficiency and to align your mission, strategic orientations, culture and systems. The challenges we address are as diverse as our support services:

    • Organizational analyses
    • Organizational design
    • Alignment of structures, practices and systems, values and culture
    • Strategic reflections and planning
    • Support of steering committees and boards
    • Support and facilitation of transformation and change projects
    • Optimization of lateral collaboration modes

Types of Interventions

Our work may lead us to interact with senior management and steering committees, human resource professionals, individual employees or work teams as part of the following types of interventions:

  • Flat rate
  • Turnkey project management
  • Hourly, for ad hoc consulting services