Founded by three accomplished women with complementary backgrounds, Harieka is all about:

  • promoting a transformational experience;
  • working with a serious team of people who love what they do;
  • proposing interventions that focus on carefully crafted and implemented methodologies, analyses, recommendations and solutions.

Harieka also represents a bridge between cutting edge research and your company which, for you, means:

  • having access to proven and reliable diagnostic tools and surveys;
  • benefiting from the latest organizational development discoveries;
  • being involved in new and emerging management practices.

At Harieka, we also recognize our respective areas of expertise and focus on what each of us does best, which for you, means:

  • putting the talents of your collaborators to profit to ensure the success of our interventions;
  • working with recognized field experts through our network of trusted partners.

Harieka supports its clients in such areas as:

  • organizational health;
  • talent and leadership development;
  • organizational transformation & strategic alignment;
  • change management.

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